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Memory Loss Science and Breakthroughs

presented by Dr. Michael Leon

Meet Dr. Michael Leon

Welcome to my blog. I’m Dr. Michael Leon, Professor Emeritus of the Institute of Memory Impairment & Disorders at the University of California Irvine. I’ve been researching how smell affects memory for over 35 years. I’m here to teach you more about how smell could improve your memory.

Named Top 2% of Scientist in the World by Stanford University School of Medicine

163+ Peer Reviewed Research Papers Published in Scientific Journals

Named Professor of the Year and considered the top researcher in olfactory stimulation

How to Address Memory Loss: From Mild Forgetting to Dementia

Have you noticed that you sometimes struggle to come up with a name of someone you know? Or it takes you longer to remember where you parked your car? If you’re over 60, you’re likely dealing with some degree of memory loss. Because memory loss often has a gradual onset, many people can manage for…

The Science of Memory Loss – New Discoveries

If you’re dealing with memory loss, you’re not alone. Most people over 60 deal with some form of memory loss. Some even develop dementia. This condition doesn’t just affect individuals. It ripples out to loved ones and communities. Because of this ripple effect, treating memory loss would be life changing for a whole lot of…

The Hippocampus and Memory Loss – What We Know

Every day we rely on memories–whether we’re trying to recall how to do a simple task or come up with a person’s name. You might take it for granted how often you use your memory. That is until you have memory loss. Memory loss not only impacts your ability to recall old memories. It keeps…

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